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Become a Guru

Become a Guru

Guruavatar is a community and not an Institution. It is created by a group of Gurus like you and understands the challenges you face.

You can become part of this open community and publish yourself as a Guru in 4 Simple steps. We do not charge any membership fee. Login and use your avatar – as a Guru.

1) Create a genuine and strong profile

The better your profile is more likely that students will choose you. Let everybody know your education and experience before they start learning from you. If you want a Gold profile – contact us and we will help you raise your profile level. Few background checks will be necessary to give you a Gold level profile.

2) Publish your Virtual Room and network

Create your room with a strong description and follow up with the question and answers by the prospective students. You can network with them in the chat rooms. Once they join your room makes sure you complete your commitments and deliver the training with highest quality.

3) Complete your Virtual Room

You will need a good broadband internet connection to lead the virtual class rooms. Make sure you have more than 2MBPS connection and avoid using 3g/4g networks as they are not reliable. Complete the virtual room in stipulated time. Only completed rooms will be eligible for payment. Complete your room till 100% acceptance by the students and deserve a good feedback. We will provide you the platform conferencing.

4) Make quality a habit

Quality delivery of lectures is the key to your and our success. Your long term profile will decide why people will choose you as their mentor.

Much more

Write Blogs, Reply to questions in Forums and get maximum profile visits and gather hundreds of prospective students for you future Virtual Classes.

Advantages of working with Guruavatar.>

  • Mentor and lead your virtual rooms from anywhere in the world – no travel needed.
  • Time, Content, Delivery and cost – we do not dictate any of these – choose as you like.
  • Transparent payment process.
  • Only quality will survive in long term – through profiles and feedbacks.
  • Global exposure
  • Become a prospective corporate trainer