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Become a Student

Become a Student

Becoming a student at Guruavatar is very simple. Create a genuine profile and follow these 4 steps

1) Find your own Guru

Browse for the topics you wish to study and select appropriate Guru for the same – chat with the guru prior to payment and get convinced. Try to join Gold Profile Guru’s rooms. Once you select a room and a Guru pay flexibly – as per the room progress.

2) Pay with flexibility

We do not ask you 100 % fees during joining. Check out our flexible payment options. If you are not satisfied with the knowledge transfer – cancel the class and get the refund. We hope you do not face a cancellation – but it gives you a choice.

3) Prepare for Virtual classroom

Once ready, we will give you Virtual Room details – all you need is a strong Internet connection and a place where nobody will disturb you during the session. Make sure you have > 2MBPS Broadband connection. Avoid 4G/3G network as it is not stable.

4) Get certified

Complete the course and be ready for your endeavor! We partner with a lot of certified vendors and check out our certification options. Now you do not have to travel and suffer – you can gain knowledge from your convenient location!.

Much more

Ask questions in the Blog explore our community for correct answers; explore multiple Rooms and Gurus to choose from. Leverage the open community and add fuel to your careers.